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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

bedung moden

Olla ladies~~

next week dh start study week for my student, so I busy utk settlekan menanda all those lab reports yg byk sbb by next week students dh nak tau carry mark b4 their final...so, smlm I dgn gigih msk kn mark mrk and send to the penyelaras subject...

while dh hbs smua keje tu, I pn menggoogle la pasal bedung moden...actually I dh beli bumble bee's receiving blanket last week at mom's care JJ malacca, but I still itchy to find the modern 1...hehehe

I bought this 3 types of receiving blanket from bumble bee...

then I terjumpa ini pula;))))

Original Woombie

Summer Woombie Strawberry Lime

Woombie Leggies

Convertiblle Woombie

that called woombie(name taken from the word worm)...it look very cool rite???? so, for the m2b that interested kindly visit to Honey Kids and Baby Centre or the fb.... then I told aie about it, and showed him the video how to use it....when he saw how cool using this woombie, he approve if I want to buy it ;)))) lucky to my cinonet...u gonna use this woombie...cant wait to receive mine....hehehe now they have 10%discount for the summer woombie and it very easy and fast response deal...im lovin it (tiru mcd punya ayat)

p/s: semua brg rasa nak beli...hehhee


  1. auww comelnye bedung baby cmtu..

  2. 1st time tgk bedung cm 2..cute la..

  3. @cikpingu-comel kn??terus bygkan bby sndiri dlm woombie tu...hehehe

    @fieza-mmg cute pn...1st time tengok terus tergoda nak beli...

  4. haritu ada tgk gak pasal woombie ni.nk buy tp tgk harga agak pricey.hihihi..tp mmg serius comellll sgt

  5. reyna-I tutup mata sblh beli ni...hope worth it la beli ini...doa byk2 ;))) hehehe

  6. heheh...kesin lak tengok baby tu..tapi macam lebih mudah kan...tak de ar kain bedung tu terbukak2...senang gak nak dukung..macam seketul jer..;p

  7. @aty-haah, senang nak bedung...blh guna time malam,kalau siang guna bedung biasa sbb nak luruskan kaki...ni baru planning la ;))

  8. comelnye woombie ni..mcm best jek tgk bby tu tidu kt dlm tu..

  9. @fainie-hehehe, mcm best kan tgk..kalau tgk video kat fb dia time mrk nak pakaikan woombie lagi comel...