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Saturday, April 30, 2011

7 secrets of highly successful PhD students

Olla ladies~~

The seven secrets of highly successful PhD students*

Researchers who know and make use of these seven secrets get through their doctorate more quickly, and just as importantly are happier, according to the Staff Development and Training Unit, Flinders University, Australia.

1. Care and maintenance of your supervisors* Meet regularly with your supervisors (even if they think it is not that necessary)* Discuss and negotiate your progress regularly* Understand your different styles. If your supervisor keeps wanting you to follow up new leads and you are happy to, and you are five years into your study, it is time to get some outside perspective and guidance* If it is not working out, do something about it. Don't just think it will get better or that you can do it on your own (kena slalu rasuah sv nampak gayanyer...hehehe)

2. Write and show as you go: This is show and tell, not hide and seek* Always write and show as you go. If you are reading and not writing, after about 3 or 4 weeks you will forget what you have read* Writing and showing your work forces you to stay on track and refine your thinking* Writing is helpful because at the end you can't hand in your head full of lots of good ideas* Set deadlines for your writing and handing in. People generally don't write because of issues of perfectionism, so avoid this with deadlines* Generally it is a good idea to write journal articles (on your exact thesis topic), as you go* Practice writing with your peers, this can be very effective (kena rajin tulis dalam buku)

3. Be realistic: It's not a Nobel Prize* When you are doing PhD you are learning how to do a PhD, you are not expected to know this in advance* Original work does not mean a cure for cancer. In reality it means one small step in advancing existing knowledge* Do not go off on tangents in the hope of answering 'The question', stay focused* You have a cast iron guarantee right now that your thesis will not, cannot and probably should not, be perfect* Separate yourself from your PhD. It's a bunch of thoughts on a piece of paper, it's not you. Put it in perspective (mencari novelty adalah difficulty in PhD)

4. Say no to distractions: Even the fun ones and the ones you think you must do* Set priorities and be realistic about what you can do* Do the important rather than the immediately urgent* Cleaning scum build-up from the shower may be more fun than your PhD, but it won't get the thesis done. Resist this and other urges, and keep writing!* The golden rule to avoid over-commitment is don't let anything eat into your set study times, or as you would with a job, make the time up if interruption is unavoidable (kena letak priotiti dlm study, ramai member advise to study abroad and focus in study)

5. It's a job: That means working nine to five but you get holidays* You may not work from nine to five, but you definitely need fixed hours. Otherwise how should you know when you should be working?* Set up a proper workplace. A bus station, university corridor or the lounge room with a TV on are not proper work areas* Like a job, if you take time off, make it up somewhere else. You wouldn't just not show up to work for three days with no consequences* Set deadlines and targets. There are very few jobs where the boss says "I'll see you in three years time with that report"* When you stick to your work times, you get guilt-free time off in the evenings and holidays (like a job). Don't try to squeeze more out of yourself. You'll just kill the goose that lays the golden eggs (CB -cuti belajar, yg mana, belajar and dpt gaji serentak)

6. Get help: You are not an owner-operator single person business* This means you are allowed to get help. Not only are you allowed, but you will greatly reduce time and effort if you do* Get help from statistics consultants, editors, methodologists, academics, peers, your supervisors...* Use any and all formal assistance in the university/institution including tutors and graduate schools, skills development and faculty staff (kena ada contact yg ramai, dont be 'shy2 cat')

7. You can do it: A PhD is about intelligence and persistence* You would not have got this far if you did not have the intelligence to do it. If you feel like impostor, be reassured that most people doing a PhD feel that way* Persistence is at least as important ingredient; this comes from habits like meeting regularly with your supervisors, treating PhD like a job etc.* So in fact the final habit of a highly effective PhD researcher is to know and believe that you can do it, and when the going gets tough, keep going! (percaya pada diri sendiri!)

credit to : fb doctorate support group

p/s: mood mengejar dateline siapkan proposal b4 cuti kawin!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

bunga pahar

Olla ladies~~

actually, bunga pahar ni DIY oleh my mum n my sis, ana nazari...its bunga DIP ok...mrk sangat gigih yea....sya mmg x tau mcm mana mrk buat sbb tau2 adik sya dh tag dlm fb....hehehe dulu time awal2 mrk buat, adik sya just buat shape mcm daun, then dh byk2 baru my mum combine utk jadi bentuk bunga....so, let me presenting my bunga pahar....




hehehe...ini je pn.....sekian, tQ

p/s:makin berdebar la plak.....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

majlis perkahwinan impian .......

Olla ladies~~

kenapa sya bt entry ni??? hehehe saje je, sbb sya dpt rasakan my mum sgt excited sbb anak dia nak kawin....yea, sbg anak perempuan sulung, so mak sya pn mengimpikan majlis berjalan dgn lancar dan meriah..and jgn x tau yea, byk yg sya plan sya kena inform my mum then she will decide either its fine or not....

1.warna tema majlis:
mak: apa warna tema majlis ain?
ain: hmm x sure la mak, tp kalau GOLD ok x? hari tu tgk nora pakai GOLD cantik la...
mak: gold tu x ke nampak mcm nak coklat, then ada mcm kuning?
ain:oh, ye ke...gold warna gold la mak....
mak: yer la, nnt nak ckp ngan auty n realtives smua tkut susah...mrk confuse warna GOLD tu...
ain: ala, nak warna apa? a.emy dulu hijau...tunang dh pink, nikah dh turqoise...
mak: mak rasa warna PURPLE la cantik...senang nk cari warna tu...
ain: ok la...

p/s: redha dan pasrah...(kini aku pasrah dgn segalanya.....-sila nyanyi mcm erra fazira yea) hehehe

credit to:fb nora
motif: suka ok warna niiiiiiiiiiiii

credit to: mr google
motif: sapa2 sila la dtg pakai warna purple...mana2 yang anda suka..pilihlah yea....

2. baju potong kek birthday...opssss silap, kek kawin
mak: ain, nnt baju gaun potong kek warna apa?
ain: ntah, kalau x silap putih kot...slalu kan org pakai warna putih...
mak: hmm, mak rasa warna MERAH cantik la...
ain: haaaaaaaaa mak biar betul, ain ni dh la GOLAP....nnt x naik la...huhuhu
mak: hish, x la, menyerlah and cantik je mak tgk...baru nampak kelainan....

p/s: pasrah lagi dgn idea mak sya yg mmg (bombastic, mr fantastic,...mr loba2....hahaha lagu sapa dh x ingat)

pic credit to:mr google
motif: saja2, feeling PEEWWINNCESS gitu....hahaha

pic credit to:mr google
motif: sbb nk perasan cantik mcm emelda bila pakai MERAH....hahaah

3. fesyen baju pengantin laki
mak:nnt baju sanding aie mcm mana?
ain:baju pengantin la mak, kalau x silap umah kita yg ada coat, umah dia ngan mlm berinai x da coat...
mak:mak rasa, kalau pakai coat tu x sesuai la...nmpak besar and x smart je....
ain:hbs tu mcm mana? hari tu dh discuss then mcm mana yea?
mak: x pa, nnt mak inform mak andam...
ain: ok mak, jgn lupa yea....

p/s: tudia, my mum sgt concern kan ttg majlis ni...huhuhu

pic credit to:mr google
motif:sila tgk baju mawi yg bercoat itu...hehehe teringat mawi sbb skrg tgh demam batuk AF9

pic credit to:mr google
motif:harap2 aie akan hensem n segak na pakai baju mcm groom tu....

cuma, satu je yg sya x ikut...hehehe sempat tu yea...actually, mak nak saya pakai baju sogket time sanding kat rumah sya...then, time kat butik pengantin, sya slumber je tukar...baju songket pakai time mlm berinai besar, so baju sanding dari kain shantung...hehehe sorry yea mak....

pic credit to:mr google
motif:baju malam berinai saya nnt saya request mcm tu, kebaya pendek, but aie's attire mcm attire groom biasa je bukan potongan mcm dibawah.....

pic credit to:mr google
motif:mode verangan baju kawin mcm bunga citra lestari...harap2 la yea.....hahahha

so, sya rasa,

majlis kahwin saya=majlis impian perkahwinan mak...hehehe

tp, sya mmg enjoy buat preparation kawin ni sbb mak sya sgt understanding, supportive and caring...byk benda yg mak tolong settlekan...

untung nyer sya bila mak sya;
- kreatif = mak tolong DIY (bunga telur, hiasan bilik)
- kerjaya = ramai contact utk settle make up, kek
- menjahit = baju nikah ain & aie, langsir rumah, baju family , baju flower girl
lagi dh x ingt...hehehe

thanx mak, ain syg mak sgt.....muah muah muah.... "ain x kisah pn nk ikut ckp mak, janji ain dpt happykan mak...suka sgt bila mak puas hati dgn apa yg ain dh buat untuk mak....mak byk berkorban utk ain, apa salah nyer ain pn berkorban utk mak"....

p/s: x sampai hati to say "NO" pada mak sya.....

Friday, April 22, 2011

instax camera to let go~~

Olla ladies~~

masih baru, fresh from the oven...ouchhh panas yea....

condition: masih baru dan belum lagi digunakan....
sebab dijual: keaadaan rumah yg x sesuai utk bt photoguestbook

Package RM280 (Pink)
  • instax mini 7S camera
  • camera strap
  • instruction manual
  • FREE instax mini film (worth RM30)
  • include postage
  • interested: email me at ainnazari@yahoo.com

mula2 mmg plan nak buat photoguestbok, then sya pn dh suruh ceketfavor bt kan sya punya guestbook...after discuss dgn parents, mrk reject my idea sbb dia kata sapa je yg blh nk ambil gmbr tu?? smua org ke? kawan2 ke? sedara ke? so, kalau guestbook biasa mereka bagi....padahal, sya dh byr pre-order utk instax camera ni...so, sya nak jual balik tanpa untung yea...huhuhu

p/s: gmbr the real camera masih akan diupload bila camera dh dpt yea...

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Olla ladies~~

perlukah baju ini??????? hehehe

pic:credit to catalog avon
status:sementara stok masih ada....ahaks!

p/s:memborong baju sedemikian di LENO jg!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

e-filing and zakat

Olla ladies~~

for the 1st time isi e-filing ni sbb b4 this time CB (cuti belajar), sya mmg ignore je pasal smua2 ni... then hari ni LHDN dari kluang dtg buka kaunter dkt UTHM, so sya ambil this opportunity to settle everything that related to e-filing.... i.Allah start thn ni dh nak kena potong, so, sebarang pembelian mcm buku, bil klinik and others yg rasa nyer blh jadi bahan bukti utk tolak dari tax ptt kena ambil kira....nasib insurans smua diambil kira oleh lhdn ni....

so far x da lagi filing utk sbrg pembelian yg ada resit secara detail, tp nampak gaya nyer lepas ni kena lebih detail dlam perbelanjaan....

zakat juga buka kaunter pada masa yg sama, currently, sya tolak gaji je utk zakat ni...setelah membuat kira2, amount yg sya tolak utk zakat mmg mencukupi, malah lebih...hehehe moga2 murah rezeki sya kelak...amin YRA

mari kita belajar cara pengiraan zakat (bukan sya punya yea...heheheh)

kaedah pengiraan zakat pendapatan
-iaitu pendapatan kadar setahun semasa ditolak dengan keperluan asas sebenar pada thuan semasa. Kiranya sama atau melebihi nisab maka dikeluarkan zakatnya 2.5%.

A. Pendapatan
Gaji (setahun) rm 36,000
Elaun rm 6,200
Bonus rm 4,000
Jumlah pendapatan setahun rm 46,200

B. Perbelanjaan
Penolakan saraan diri rm 9,000
Isteri (rm3000x bil isteri) rm 3,000
anak (rm1000x4 org) rm 4,000
saraan ibu bapa (rm200x12) rm 2,400
perubatan (200x12) rm 2,400

Jumlah penolakan setahun rm 20,800

Pendapatan (A) - Pendapatan (B) rm 25,400

Jumlah wajib zakat setahun = rm25,400 x 2.5% = rm635 (setahun)

melalui skim infaq potongan gaji = rm 635/12 = rm 53 (sebulan)

p/s:tunaikanlah kewajipan anda!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Olla ladies~~

mood x baik di pagi yg mulia ini.....sorry.....

saya bengang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sya jadi mcm ni sbb...

1.dia cuti tp dia x nak pn dtg sini....
2.dia lebih suka memacing dari dtg sini...

fine...agak2 kalau x nak kawin boleh x??????????????????? huhuhuhu

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

contact lens

Olla ladies~~

since last dec, i started to b look familiar with contact lens...the problem happen to me which are both my left and right eyes having different degree and hence normally i need to buy 2 boxes....just imagine the cost bomb me!!!!

to be suprise, MAXIVUE IMPRESSION TRI COLOR is available to buy different degree of power... this contact lens can last for 3 months....the prize also within my budget, which cost me rm70 for 1 pair of 3 months contact lenses.....worth it rite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

previous, i choose hazel, but for my w-day, GREY gonna b my choice~~~~ the middle brown color blends in pretty well with the grey and i think it look great and natural in picture for day and night.....

p/s:sorry, no pictures po this updates....hehehe

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

simple name

Olla ladies~~

im pretty sure, most of u wondering why my name sooooooooooooo simple...ok, im agree, my siblings also have simpe name same goes to me with only 3 alphabets ok!!!

let me introduce 1st my big bro and the only son in my family.....


my bro n my sil

then second, of course me....


motif letak gmbar tunang?-saja2...hehhehe

after 9 yrs being a baby..(eh, baby ke????) muntah kejap yea hehhehe...x la, as ADIK, sudden i dpt adik perempuan.. her name.....


opss ana rafali ke????

then the last 1,


budak sporty

see, how simple our name, and of course mmg ramai yg ingt nama kami adik beradik termasuk nama NAZARI tu sbb nama kami hanya 3 huruf tu je.....but kami adik beradik mmg akan tulis our name include nazari....

byk berlaku kejadian seperti ini...

situasi pertama:
masa sekolah teknik dulu one of my frenz tegur about my name ni;
she: eh, nama u adik beradik 3 huruf ni je ke?
ain: haah, senang kan?
she: my sister ckp, sure ur parents malas nak fikir nama korang kan?
ain: hmm may b la....
moral of the story:sbb senang org nak panggil nama kami kot....

situasi kedua:ni ana punya experience
cikgu: eh, awk ana nazari
kawan ana: bukan cikgu...ana nazari kat luar (time ni adik sya tgh hantar kerja khusus yg ada 2 org dlm kumpulan, then kawan dia pn yg submit kerja tu)
ana: cikgu, sya la ana nazari, kenapa yea?
cikgu: hmm awk adik emy nazari ke?
ana: haah cikgu...mana cikgu kenal abg sya?
cikgu: sya dulu satu sekolah dgn abg awk...kemsalam kat abg awk yea....
moral of the story: disebabkan nama kami simple and nazari at the back, for sure mmg org kenal la...

situasi ketiga:dlm kelas time sya degree
lecturer: ain nazari binti apa?
sya: (buat muka tercengang sbb x kan nak ckp kuat2 dlam kelas plak!!!!)
member kelas: nama dia ain binti nazari la encik....(sambil smua gelak2 kan sya)
lecturer:oooo ptt la....
moral of the story: sya mmg suka tulis ain nazari instead of ain binti nazari...sekali hambik ko lecterur tu ingt nama sya ain nazari binti pulak...lawak2....

situasi keempat:dlm meeting jabatan JER
KJ:ok, sya nak bagi kerja ni dekat ain nazira...
sya: ha???????? (muka blurr, terkedu sbb tiba2 dpat nama baru....hehehehe)
KJ:eh, nama awk bukan ain nazira ke?
sya: x, nama sya ain binti nazari
moral of the story:boss sya sndiri confuse nama sya..sbb selalu time meeting sya letak nama ain nazari, then dia tertengok as ain nazira....mmg kena gelak ngan geng2 tutor lain...sbr je la.....

situasi terkini: dgn aida, future housemate
aida ni dh tunang, blh plak tunang dia, student sya last semester...ok la, mcm ni conversation between aida and her fiance...
aida: ada la keluar, makan2, masak2 dgn k.ain....
aida's fiance: sapa k.ain
aida:tutor kt fkee la
aida's fiance: ain nazari ke?
aida: haah la....
aida's fiance: itu lecturer abg last semester.....
moral of the story: agak2 kantoi x sya garang dlm kelas...hehehe

ok, sya pernah bertanya kat abah, napa nama kami smua simple yea....mcm ni la conversation between sya dan abah

ain:abah, napa nama kami smua pendek2 yea?
abah: dulu masa abah sekolah, ustaz abah ada advise supaya letak nama yg simple and panggil nama anak dgn nama penuh utk mendapat keberkatan...
ain:oooooo mcm tu ke?
abah: haah, sbb kalau nama pjg, then panggil pendek je, nnt makna pada nama kita tu x sampai..
ain: ptt abah letak nama kami pendek2 yea...
abah: yer la, yg penting blh tulis utk jawi skali...sbb mmg patut kita panggil nama seseorang itu dgn nama penuh dia....
ain: ok2, ain faham
begitu la serba sedikit sejarah ttg nama kami....conversation ni mmg dh lama, rasa nyer time sya sekolah2 dulu...hehehehe

p/s:my son/daughter to be also might have simple name like me!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

kek kawin

Olla ladies~~

ya, sya tau, sya pengantin bajet, jadi sya mmg mengimpikan sesuate yg dlm BAJET sya yea...huhuhu utk kek kawin, sya sukakan kek kawin seperti nora(my best frenz)....mula2 sya inform dkt my mum, my mum mcm 'erk, nak mcm tu' tp mari sya tunjuk dulu kek impian sya...ehehhe ala, x la impian sgt, tp nak yg berbentuk mcm ni la...

jeng jeng jeng*************************

source: lupa lak
comment: colourful kan???? shomel ok....

source: ada watermark kt picture tu
comment:suka shape stand for the cakes

source:ada watermark pada picture
comment: grapes look sooo yummyyyyyy

source:ada watermak kat picture
comment: theme purple=theme wedding

so, time balik kampung utk settle borang nikah;

mak: mcm mana kek kawin ain nnt?
ain: ala, ain nak cupcakes mcm kek kawin nora
mak: mcm mana tu?
ain: kek dia ada 3 tingkat la mak, atas kek besar, 2nd and 3rd letak cupcake
mak: ain ada ke gmbar kek tu?
ain: x da la plak, tp x pa, nnt ain try tgk fb nora..may b ada la org tag

sambil cpt2 buka laptop and search nama nora basir, then ada pn gmbar tu....

ain: mak, ni la kek nora
mak: hmm, cantik, nnt senang nak bg kat tetamu, x payah la nak ada pinggan n sudu bagai
ain: tu la mak, tu ain cakap nak mcm kek nora kawin...
mak: ok la mcm tu....
ain: tp ain nak order kat mana kat t.intan ni mak? kalau ada pn kat ipoh...
mak:x pa, nnt try tanya kawan mak yg ada kedai kek tu...dulang yg 4 segi n manik2 tu kita decorate sendiri...suruh auty tu buat kek + cupcakes je
ain:ok mak...tQ...i luv u mak....heheheh
mak:dh, transfer gmbr2 tu kat pendrive mak, nnt mak tunjuk kat aunty tu gmbr kek2 ni...
ain:orait mak....

see, my mum dh say YES...hehehe so, harap smua ok la nnt...sya pn x sure nnt kek tu mcm mana...wah, mmg suprise la nnt ni....and 1 more thing,sya dh ada 2 org yg nak sponsor kek kawin....heheheehe happy sgt2 ok...rezeki kawin la katakan. agak2 ada x sapa2 nak sponsor sya lagi????????????? hhahhaha

p/s:rezeki jgn ditolak, musuh jgn dicari ;)

kad kawin vs setem

Olla ladies~~

hmm, kad kawin sya mmg dh siap n sgt murahhhhhhh yea....sbb sya mmg bajet sya punya kad kawin sbb utk rumah sya je 2000 kad kena cetak...then added rumah aie, 600 kad...hmmm byk kan jemputan rumah sya, almaklumlah, bila duduk kampung, then parents kerja, mmg byk la jemputan..huhuhuhu

so,sya nak menjemput smua datang ke majlis kawin sya yea...blh dtg either perak side or kedah side ya....heheheh ni yg sya attach kad time draf lagi, so just imagine warna putih dkt bunga2 tu ya...x sempat nak snap gmbr kad kawin yg real...hehehe

kad ekonomi : 2600 x 0.35 (percuma sampul bercetak)

suka kan tgk harga dia, then dpt lagi sampul bercetak.....TAPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! skali sya nak pos dlm 40 keping kad kawin sya, sya kena charge setem rm 0.80.....MAHAL OK huhuhuhu nsb ada member yg x bg alamat, sya x sure, dia x dpt dtg, or nak print out je map kad tu.... sbr je la...

moral of the story: kalau nak setem murah
- sampul kosong
- kad x boleh berat lebih bbrp gram (ni tanya pos msia)
- then kalau kad tu jgn pjg mcm sya....huhuhu

kad kawin ain&aie

jemputan majlis kami.....

sampul yg menyebabkan sya kena setem rm0.80

p/s:ya Allah, murahkan lah rezeki hambamu ini.....

asid folic

Olla ladies~~

before this rmai my frenz yg advise to take asid folic b4 kawin...actually its good to take it 3 months b4 ur wedding day for those ready to have baby...for us, insyaallah, kalau ada rezeki, kami mmg x merancang, and bersedia to have a baby coz kami dh TUA...uhuk uhuk uhuk...

so, memandangkan ticker dh menunjukkan lagi 38hari my wedding day, so dgn ini sya nak announce

today is my 1st day i took folic asid!

hehehe....ayat ni pinjam dari ayat fara (member dlm fb-also kawan aie time kecil2 dulu)....mcm mengada ke yea ayat sya? x kan? hehehehe then my frenz advise sya ambil asid folic jenis Gold life-iron plus...time pergi farmasi pn mcm tu jgk, dia kata it consist smua...then pharmacist suruh ambil dgn EPO, time sya ckp sya mkn evening primrose oil brand blackmores, then dia kata ok, just proceed....

for this asid folic ambil 3 biji, 2 bj pagi and 1 bj malam after meal....

then utk primrose oil pn ambil sebiji after meal too.....

p/s: jom smua b2b yg dh ready ambil asid folic jg!!!


Olla ladies~~

ok kawan2, sya buntu...huhuhuh buntu dgn proposal sya....baru je siap utk part system sbb sya mmg nk join reseach group tu, so, sya dh dpt idea utk develop system yg sya nak gunakan..huhuhu aishhhhhh susah betul nak jadi Dr.Ain ni...hehehe verangannnnnn ko ni ain yea.....

smlm, msg mak aie nak tanya pasal bunting...kami mengambil kesempatan dkt mak aie sbb his mum guru besar, so byk je kedai2 buku offer harga murah utk printing nnt...tp sya mmg bagi sepenuh kepercayaan dkt aie and his mum...then smlm time msg his mum, mak dia ckp kedai tu blm buat lagi....aduh, risau kot....hope everything will turn well....doakan yea kawan2...hehehe

so far, smua benda2 WAJIB dh settle..borang sya dh settle...2 weeks ago, time balik kg sya dh isi form bagai...then ptotocopy 4 set sbb tok kadi nak macam tu..then abah will submit to naib kadi yg akan nikahkan aie...to be suprise, that tok kadi pernah jadi ustaz during my primary school...

baju nikah kami, utk aie, his baju tinggal nak jahit sulam dkt tengkuk je while my baju my mum baru gunting. so, my veil gonna b DIY with my mum....hehehehe so far, i ambil kesempatan dkt my mum jg...hehehe even she is a teacher, but she had an ability to sew my 'baju nikah'....untung kan??? my mum mmg creative, so my veil might b full with 'bunga reben' like previous post.....so, kami mmg pengantin yg BAJET sbb telah disponsor oleh kedua ibu ye LUV U EMAKS...ehhehehe masih pening nnt mcm mana nak differentiate between my emak+abah because, it also same goes to his parents.....hmmm x kan nak ckp, "mak awak", x pn x kan nak ckp "mak perak"....hish, mcm rude je...any IDEA???


motif letak gmbar ni: saja je sbb sya masuk contest hana zakaria wedding planner untuk saja suka2..hehehe kalau rajin LIKE sya yea...hehehe

p/s:tinggi gk kami berdua lompat....hehehe

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

professor pelawat

Olla ladies~~

hari ni, jabatan i ada anjurkan program bersama Professor Madya Pelawat, Professor Madya Dr. Mohd. Rizal b.Arshad...he well known with his broad research about underwater robot.....he came to share his experience....a lot of information and also motivation from him to improve/prepare and get ready the real situation during Phd study....

let me share it;

1. doing a phd like a 'running alone for 3 yrs'
2. 3 parameters in doing PhD: 1. supervisor ( talk and discuss with sv, also healthy)
2. topic (u must like it! )
3. facilities ( applied or fundamentals)
3. what your aim doing Phd? - to get the PhD!
4. if you can ask the right question? - intelligent
5. clear on research problems - prove novelty!
6. funny thing is, during his PhD study, he will wrote his name as Dr.Rizal at his book as an indicator to achieve that tittle...hehehehe so, can i use Dr Ain as a signature in my blog????? hmmmm its like POYO je...ahahahaha
6. etc

apa yg sya merepek ni???????????? sbb sya sgt TAKUT utk buat PhD...huhuhu lebih2 lagi sya nak buat tajuk/research yg totally NEW....tp, kalau org lain blh, kenapa sya x blh kan???? so, tepuk dada tanya selera....make sure, i keep running and running...dont stop, if u stop, u near to be fail..so, keep running for 3 or 4 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ya Allah, berikan aku kekuatan utk menghadapi smua ni....ntah la, dua2 sama penting, i mean preparation for my PhD study and also preparation kawin....aim sya, middle april ni nak submit proposal...doakan yea...amin YRA....

p/s: bila baca journal je pening...huhuhuh keep running ain!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

photoguestbook + csi guestbook

Olla ladies~~

hmmm status instax camera sya masih pre-order, then x sure bila akan sampai or available... i just sms the dealer, he said that "havent arrive yet, coz japan there will be slow produce, but i will let u know when arrive ya" ;))))))))))))))))))))))))) smiling all the way....hehehhee tpppppppppp panjang x tapi sya di situ???????? hehehhee sya ni telah gatal order photoguestbook dari http://ceketfavor.blogspot.com ambil yg simple je sbb malas nak DIY then sya pn bukan kreatif....

sudden, time godek2 blog ceketfavor, sya ternampak CSI guestbook....OMG...terus rasa jatuh hati...cantik ok, nmpak kelainan sgt2...huhuhuh tp, sya dh order kamera n photoguestbook... so, mcm mana ya??????????

setelah penat berfikir (bukan nak fikir pasal proposal)...huhuhuhu, sya nak combinekan

photoguestbook + csi guestbook

mcm mana kah caranyer yea???????????????????????? sya mendapat idea yg mana, sya hanya akan order 50 filem utk instax camera, then the rest, sapa yg x dpt nak tgkap gmbr mrk blh la buat csi guestbook dlam buku yg sama yea....heheheh atau pn utk csi guestbook sya nak bt frame besar...sbb photoguestbook ada 50pages, then filem pn saya nak beli 50 je...so x cukup kalau nak bt csi guestbook dlm buku yg sama....huhuhuh

csi guestbook from etsy.com

konon2 nak bt frame besar ni yea...hehehhe

nice name AIN & AIE di situ...verangan

sgt colourfullllllllll

suka mcm ni....comel....

kalau perasan, yg warna kuning tu khas utk bride+groom....

frame yg blh di tampal di dinding rumah....hehehe

my photoguestbook gonna b like this...half way to go~~:

p/s:harap2 menjadi la plan sya ni...hehehehe

wedding shoe-DONE

Olla ladies~~

actually, 19-20.3 hari tu, sya ikut aie entertain his cousin, k.ita from US...k.ita ni dulu study then now dh kerja+kawin+ 2 handsome sons dkt US...baru2 ni dia ckp dia nak apply citizenship kat sana...previously, every 5 yrs dia kena balik to renew her visa.... sya pernah jumpa dia thn 2008 kalau x silap, time tu x sure dia balik utk apa, then jumpa pn rumah k.azah(adik k.ita) dkt kl...

so, utk kali ini, aie ajak sya tidor rumah k.azah yea...k.azah ni dh kawin and ada 2 adorable daughters....batrisya and qariena...suka main dgn mrk berdua...hehehe

sampai rumah k.azah hari sabtu mlm ahad aroud 9pm mcm tu...dinner dgn nasi ayam penyet kot...hehehe then lepas tu sembang2 sket, terus kami layan movie...alamak, lupa lak apa tajuk movie tu....

the next morning, ptt nyer k.ita nak p spa....sudden smua mcm x larat, so after lunch baru kami pergi keluar...plan nyer nk shopping kasut kat one utama....jeng jeng jeng (elemen suprise di sini) time ni la dia tanya, nak hadiah kawin apa??????? sya sengih je sbb x biasa lagi kan....pg tu time k.azah tgh prepare breakfast, sya dok main puzzle ngan batrisya...sampai k.azah n k.ita suruh sya ckp something....hehehe....biasa la, awal2 kan...mmg la shy2 cat....ahaks...at 1st k.ita nk bagi kupon utk spa, sudden she offer me "KASUT KAWIN"....hehehehe blh x nk LIKE 100000x???

then, bila sampai OU, kami p VINCCI sbb k.ita mmg suka borong kasut vincci yea....sya n k.azah cari kasut kawin...hahaha x da yg berkenan di hati....so, p la ke SUMMIT plak...ada yg cantik tp size TARAK....almaklumlah, kasut sya kan size US...ahaks....so, pergilah ke OPERA...nampak mcm kedai2 kasut biasa....so, k.azah n sya berkenan la kasut ni, k.ita as a sponsorship pn berkenan kan kasut tu....chewah, terus try yea...dan panggil aie utk ukur tinggi...hehehe kalau dgn aie, nk kasut tinggi blh, tp jgn tinggi lebih dari dia... time tu mmg x tgk pn HARGA yea,...

kami jalan2 lagi sampai k.ita offer kami minum starbuck smentara nak cari puzzle utk batrisya... habis pusing...time lepak semntara k.ita n batrisya jalan2, k.azah n her hubby a.adie cari barang, sya duduk sblh aie...sudden dia tanya

aie: awak, napa minta kasut dgn k.ita?
ain: erk, sya x minta, k.ita yg offer?
aie:berapa harga kasut td?
ain: ntah, rasa dlm rm100++ je kot... (sambil tgn pn buka beg plastik OPERA)
OMG....betulkan digit yg telah sya lihat ni????????????
aie: pergh, mahal tu awak....
ain: eh, sya pn x sangka mcm tu....adoi...mcm mana ni awak???????

situasi seterusnya,
ain: k.azah, akak try teka brapa kasut td?
k.azah: hmm rasa dlm rm100++ je kan?
ain: akak....harga nyer rm200++ la...mahal tu...serba salah nyer
k.azah: eh, kedai tu mcm biasa2 je...

k.ita pn dtg ke arah kami bersama batrisya,
ain:akak, mahal nyer kasut ain td..
k.ita : ada less la (sambil tgn buka handbeg tgk resit)
ain :oh, nsb ada less...huhuhuhu tQ kak, rasa serba salah
k.ita:its ok, dh nama kasut kawin....

so, ini gmbar k.ita and his sons, andrew and matthew...blh plak yea, sya x da pn ambil gmbr berdua dgn dia...huhuhu

ini bukan kasut sya, motif just nak tunjuk OPERA di situ ;)

ptt nyer, balik dari shopping nak p karok....tp smua dh penat then a.adie pn nak keje malam, so smua lepak kat rumah...k.azah masak keuw teow sup yg sedapppppppppp...after that k.azah bt brownies yg yummmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy.....so, mlm tu sambil tunggu brownies msk, kami layan mentor.....

p/s:moral of the story, kalau benda free jgn main2 suka je nak pilih yea ;((


Olla ladies~~

bila sya tensen, akan ada jerawat aka pimple yea.....huhuhuhu

sekian, tQ

Giveaway by pn yanie...

Olla ladies~~

mlm ni, bila buka blog, sambil terfikir2 utk post pasal apa, sudden perasan blog mizzunderstood citer pasal giveaway by pn yanie....pn yanie berbesar hati utk memberi corsage/handbouquet as a giveaway!!!!!!!! so, u guys out there blh pergi blog kesayangan pn yanie ttg berita GUMBIRA ini....

inilah cth2 corsage yg saya ambil dari blog pn yanie....cantik kan?????? blh la family members, relatives and org kuat time kenduri pakai..hehehhe mode (VERANGAN)....

so, email kepada thecraftpotion@yahoo.com details :
- Name
- Age
- Wedding Date
- Wedding Theme colour
- Blog link
- Write just a short message (no word counts) why you want the corsages/handbouquet so so much? Just a short one k... ( ayat copy from her blog...hehehe)

*Please be advised that the giveaway is only for those yang wedding dia dalam tahun ini juga ye... tak kisah dari bulan April or bulan December 2011! (this one also quote from her blog)

p/s: best of luck to all b2b!!!!!!