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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aydan 2nd and pnemucoccal jab

~~Olla ladies~~

Sorry for the long lost, chewahhhhhh bajet ada org nak baca je blog i ni...hehehe...Actually my small family dh stay together for almost 2 weeks mcm tu...small family=hubby+ I + aydan...

Balik melaka on 17 july, the day after majlis akikah and cukur jambul aydan.. gambar nnt lah I upload, since all the pictures dlm pendrive my hubby.. gerak dari perak dlm pkul 2 pm then sampai melaka dlm 5.30 pm..alhamdulillah aydan x meragam...2 hours dia tido dlm carseat then bgn, poo poo then sambung lagi tido...dh nak sampai baru dia bgn then nak berdiri, dh x nak duduk dlm carseat lagi...good boy sgt aydan sbb nak duduk dlm carseat tu....alhamdulillah

This is the 1st time, aydan jalan jauh, since i deliver kat perak and confinement there too...almost 2 mos baru kami balik melaka b4 i naik keje on middle july...my mum siap ambil cuti nak hantar cucu balik melaka, risau dia cranky kan...then isnin tu cari KK yg berdekatan rumah my hubby...at 1st pergi KK cheng, skali rupanya kena refer to KD bertam ulu (kalau x silap, lupa plak)...so, aydan got his 2nd jab at melaka, and alhamdulillah, he's doing well...nangis kejap je, time ni I yg pegang aydan, time 1st jab, my mum yg pegang, so this time, i need to do by myself...sampai bila nak bergantung pada my mum kan...mlm tu my mum balik perak naik bus...so aydan mmg lgsg x demam on 2nd jab...aydan also free from mitten on that day...

Regarding to the pneumoccal jab, i'm doing some research and been asking to my cousin which is doctor about this jab. he said that, if i'm affordable, he suggest to get it because, at  the modern country, it is compulsory jab for the child and free. however, msia still give an option to the parents either want to take it or not....but for the sake of my child health,i choose to take this jab for 4 dose and start from 2 mos...each dose cost about rm280 with 3+1 where, the last jab is free....happy to hear that...hehehe aydan took his pnemo's jab last monday where he has a week gap with his 2nd jab...pity to him rite...and more pity when he got fewer on the next day..its border line with 37.8c, so i manage to control the temperature every hours by checking using his digital thermometer...alhamdulillah, it's going down and by wednesday, no more heat and he's doing well...so far, by the time he got fewer, he still active like usual, no cranky at all...

Since im staying at malacca right now, so we go to Kidz Baby N Child Specialist Clinic. Very good and professional paed...aydan slept during the jab, after the doctor jab, it took about 5seconds to hear his cry... i taught my baby dont feel any sick...heheehe good boy...he cry for a while only....

here some pictures of my little hero at 2mos...


he prefer to sleep in his rocker during daytime

good boy smiling ;))

i want to punch !!

hep hep horayyyyyyy

study time

enough mama, i'm tired....hehehe

p/s:enjoy parenting everyone!!!!!!!!!