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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

professor pelawat

Olla ladies~~

hari ni, jabatan i ada anjurkan program bersama Professor Madya Pelawat, Professor Madya Dr. Mohd. Rizal b.Arshad...he well known with his broad research about underwater robot.....he came to share his experience....a lot of information and also motivation from him to improve/prepare and get ready the real situation during Phd study....

let me share it;

1. doing a phd like a 'running alone for 3 yrs'
2. 3 parameters in doing PhD: 1. supervisor ( talk and discuss with sv, also healthy)
2. topic (u must like it! )
3. facilities ( applied or fundamentals)
3. what your aim doing Phd? - to get the PhD!
4. if you can ask the right question? - intelligent
5. clear on research problems - prove novelty!
6. funny thing is, during his PhD study, he will wrote his name as Dr.Rizal at his book as an indicator to achieve that tittle...hehehehe so, can i use Dr Ain as a signature in my blog????? hmmmm its like POYO je...ahahahaha
6. etc

apa yg sya merepek ni???????????? sbb sya sgt TAKUT utk buat PhD...huhuhu lebih2 lagi sya nak buat tajuk/research yg totally NEW....tp, kalau org lain blh, kenapa sya x blh kan???? so, tepuk dada tanya selera....make sure, i keep running and running...dont stop, if u stop, u near to be fail..so, keep running for 3 or 4 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ya Allah, berikan aku kekuatan utk menghadapi smua ni....ntah la, dua2 sama penting, i mean preparation for my PhD study and also preparation kawin....aim sya, middle april ni nak submit proposal...doakan yea...amin YRA....

p/s: bila baca journal je pening...huhuhuh keep running ain!!!!!!!!!!

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