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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

contact lens

Olla ladies~~

since last dec, i started to b look familiar with contact lens...the problem happen to me which are both my left and right eyes having different degree and hence normally i need to buy 2 boxes....just imagine the cost bomb me!!!!

to be suprise, MAXIVUE IMPRESSION TRI COLOR is available to buy different degree of power... this contact lens can last for 3 months....the prize also within my budget, which cost me rm70 for 1 pair of 3 months contact lenses.....worth it rite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

previous, i choose hazel, but for my w-day, GREY gonna b my choice~~~~ the middle brown color blends in pretty well with the grey and i think it look great and natural in picture for day and night.....

p/s:sorry, no pictures po this updates....hehehe

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