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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

veil nikah

Olla ladies~~

actually, dh lama jumpa veil ni, tp sya x sempat nk save gmbr dia....then agak lama la nak track balik kat mana sya jumpa veil yg sya sgt HEART yea kawan2......so, sya ni x pandai nak story morry, so let's share it....

kudos to http://cupcakecraftandcard.blogspot.com

simple and nice kan?????? DIY tu veil dia......luv it so muchieeeeeee

other pictures blh refer to their blog....sya just save this pictures je utk tunjuk dkt my mum... hope my mum blh buat mcm ni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yihaaaaaaaaaaaa

p/s:mood kawin dh dtg...hehehehe

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