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Saturday, December 18, 2010

some guidelines for PhD

Olla ladies~~

here the guidelines given by Prof.Dr. Sulaiman b Hj.Hassan during his sharing great experiences:

1st yr;
- meet regularly with sv
- literature review survey should finish in 1st yr
- systematic recording of work/theoretical calculations
- maintain a clear and tidy record of all work
- if there is a need for courses do it in this yr

2nd yr;
- bulks of work should b finished this yr
- erect appropriate milestone to ensure good progress
- allowances should be given for additional work
- b ready for any suprises, sv sometimes gets a bit excited about new things

3rd yr;
- wrapped things up by the early part of this yr
- analysis data, some follow ups and adjustment may b needed
- focus on the production of thesis
- mock up viva may n a good thing

p/s:am i ready for further??????????? how time flies, 6 months left and i need to get ready

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