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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

RM course

Olla ladies~~

hmm RM, what RM??????? ringgit malaysia?, nope....it means Research Methodology course. this course is compulsory for those tend to further their PhD. most of the facilitators are entittled with prof, prof Ir, and for sure, eventhough they are staff in uthm, but i cant recognize them because they came from other fields....how small i am in uthm as a tutor....huhuhu

alhamdulillah, most of them during gave the courses they sharing their experience...hmm i dont know, either im the lucky as them or not because the journey in doing PhD for sure different from others....guys out there, pray for me....:)

im still stuck either further my phd in local or oversea...both choices have the pros and cons... insyaallah, after this course, i'll push myself to prepare the proposal and be more seriuos after 6 months honeymoon (after finish my master, i forget how to motivate myself to read all the books+journal+etc) i just concentrate on my task teaching neural network for 4th yr electrical student. just imagine, 3 or 4 students in that class are same age with me..huhuhu dont know how to treat them at the 1st time, but after 2,3 weeks, i can adapt with that situation...alhamdulillah, the 14 weeks just end... this sem i just handle 1 subject and 2 times monitoring the lab session..insyaallah for the next sem, no more subject to be handle anymore, only the lab session and i hope can concentrate on my phd proposal,insyaallah....

p/s: next entry i'll share the input from the course....

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