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Monday, February 24, 2014

welcome to 2nd year of study

Olla ladies~~

fuhhhh...fuhhhh  tiup habuk sket...hehehe im still alive yea..hehehe hibernate for almost 6 months and be a silent reader to other blog...nothing update from me, not in the mood to write anything in my blog...1st of all, february 2014 remind me this is my 2nd year of phd study....ya Allah, im so scare since my progress is too slow... guys, please pray for me..this study really hard for me...but i know, Allah is there, and HE know the best for me..

lets talk about Aydan, he grow so fast...people keep asking me when i want to have the 2nd baby... and yes, im planning right now. insyaallah, after my sv say, 'ain, you can do writing rite now' zasssssss i'm ready for the 2nd baby...hehehe and yes, i feel jelous when some of my friends, cousins which their 1st baby same age with aydan and there are expected...really envy but, im not strong enough to expand my family members..huhuhu wish me luck and finish my study on time...

here im sharing some of aydan's picture during my lab's vacation at cameron highland during last january... 1st time i feel so cold over there...last year, we came there at april and the weather is not so cold. But it is so different during this time, we urgently bought gloves for aydan at brinchang's pasar malam.

 S corner

at BOH sg palas

Lab Kawalan, UKM

the journey to come and out from the boh sungei palas really challenging...with the narrow and small lane with a lot of car and lorry need a high of patience...tQ husband being chillax during handle the hectic time...hehehe

lavender garden

this lavender garden so beautiful and enjoyable place to aydan...he's favourite is the fish pond...hehehe

 taman rama-rama

rose centre

p/s:enjoy the picture guys!!!


  1. dah lama giletak kesiniiiii...last 2 years i gi hujan...
    harap2 next time cuaca sejukkkkk

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