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Monday, January 16, 2012

scan 4d

~~Olla ladies~~

miss me already? hehehe bajet ada je org follow blog I jer...so, lets talk about 4d scan yea...actually after browsing here and there, the best time for the pregnant woman to do 4d scan is during 28 weeks...but within 26-30 weeks is also fine...so, hubby and I last week dh bt pn scan 4d, time tu i baru 27 weeks sbb on next week, during 28 weeks, we all dh nak balik perak to do 'kenduri 7 bulan'..

every month, I akan pergi private clinic to have a date with the 'cinonet' hehehe sbb kalau kat KK mmg x pernah scan since 1st time buat buku merah...x pa la keluar duit, yg penting kepuasan dpt monitor my 'cinonet'

the clinic will charge you rm50 for the scanning + consultation +1 printed paper while for the 4d, it charged rm80 with the cd +consultation+ 1 printed paper...m2b can go to KLINIK METRO and meet the handsome doctor, Dr.Gajen....hehehe really recommended because the doctor and the nurse also very2 friendly...then Dr explain in depth about the baby and during the scanning part, he try to get the best position of the baby until mummy and the doctor satisfy...Dr ckp, struktur muka bby nmpak cukup sifat and pipi pn tembam...hehehe happy to hear that....alhamdulillah....

so lets see my baby;

the info at the right corner

'ur baby thinking' said the handsome Dr.

start to smile ;))))

baby smiling to mummy, abah, Dr, and nurse

drooling to see my cinonet's smile

ok, melangut pulak...hahaha

enough mummy, im shy already

baby sedang kumat kamit...kuat mkn mcm mummy + abah ;)))

p/s: debaran kian terasa;)))


  1. alahai xsbrnya gak nk wat 4d,kna tgu awl bln 2..
    kiut kn bla dpt tgk bby wtpe lam pewot,subhnallah indah sguh kurniaan dr Allah swt..

    anyway,salam perkenalan..^__^

  2. @cikpingu-haah, bby boy...

    @loveaqsha-sabar yea, ni pn dh x sbr, tu yg 27 weeks dh buat...sgt2 teruja dgn kurniaan Allah swt..nice to meet u too dear ;))

  3. saye pon dah buat scan ni last week..mase masuk 27 minggu..:) sonok dapat jumpe baby...

  4. @aty-seronok sgt2 kan dpt jumpa baby...and he response actively...mmg sgt2 teruja and x sbr to see him live...heheheh

  5. alahaiiii...i suka betol tgk pic scan 4d ni...x sabar nk buat jugak! hehe

  6. baby boy?wahh.same lagi kiteee.hihihi..bestnya dpt murah je scan 4d tu.dah la bnyk2 pic.i pon nk g wat lagi. selalu rasa nak tgk muke baby.hihi.oh.btw..nnti nk wat gak kenduri 7 bln tu next 2 weeks:)