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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

tick tock tick tok~~

Olla ladies~~

since i tgk elya n lisa counting their w-day, so i pn gatal nak letak ticker w-day tu jgk...b4 this mmg ignore n malas nak letak, but serius SHOCKING when it appear 79 days until my wedding day! ya ampun, byk lagi x settle rasa nyer...huhuhuhu

so far, last week just dpt buat hiv test, pengesahan bujang from uni then aie also do the same thing...unlucky, he cant proceed his form becoz org dkt pejabat agama kata too early, nnt middle march baru blh submit...but he pass the i/v...hehehe proud with u my dear...then mrk dh check all the form,so nnt middle march either his mum or dad will submit the form...after that, they will send it to my parents...sbb all my form i dh letak kat rumah, supaya senang my dad nak uruskan...

progress till 02.03.3011:

- deposit (50%) - mak andam
- kad kawin - artwork 1st dh ok, tp nak buat correction kat map...so tgh tunggu lagi
- finalized tudung nikah dgn my mum
- waiting the v-box for the last payment

p/s:skrg mood berjimat utk kawin...huhuhu


  1. 79days? haha.u shud worried.usik u je :)

  2. serius lisa, mmg sgt2 WORRIED ok....dgn i kat johor, then my parents perak...same goes to my fiance, dia keje melaka, his parents kedah...mmg skrg ni duit tabur tgh jalan je... huhuhuhu