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Sunday, October 17, 2010

engage hairstyle

hmmm....talking about engagement's preparation, nothing prepare at all...huhuhu since we discussed to buy all those thingy on next dec waiting for the YES!!!!!!!! hehehe so that, each month, we need to save the money for that purpose.... some of my friends and relatives advise us to buy that thinggy month by month but we need to wait for the sale time.....hopefully everything turns well and worth!!!!!

lately,i like to read b2b blog and enjoy reading all their experiences....and for now, im really interested with headband for my engage hairstyle....hehehe

here some pictures when im googling and bloging....sorry sbb lupa dari source mana except for the certain that have watermark...hehehe

i nk mcm rambut datin umie aida bukan baju dia...hehehe

ok, very nice, tp rambut tepi2 tu mcm x susuai utk i....

look elegant n luxury....ehehhe

simple and cute, tp brooch ke tu ha? then sanggul tu ssh ke senang nak buat.....

kemas gaya ni, tp i byk anak rambut....huhuhu

nampak sket kan headband dia....cantik sgt....

p/s: blh ke rambut sya bt mcm tu nnt? x nak guna crown time waktu bertunang...hehehe kawin nnt baru nak pakai crown.......dulu plan nak letak bunga tp skrg minat style ni...hehehe


  1. ain,
    preferably during engagement to be simple n sweet kan!...u hav to noe shape of ur face, and which style will be gorgeous or turn out to be disaster!do more research, then u'll deram more, mix and match pun cantek!..thats what my frens did before!...hehe!..

  2. yup, btul tu....i nk pkai headband time engagement tu nnt....sbb bila kawin baru pakai crown...actually dulu nak pakai bunga rose je then sama dgn roses pgang dkt tgn...huhuhu konfius i tau....hehehe