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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Olla ladies~~

Other b2b, miss intan ada bt giveaway yea....ohhhh lately sya sgt teruja dgn giveaway yg ramai b2b buat...miss intan sgt caring and she offer to design wedding card for b2b...she quotes it as " I AM WILLING TO DO IT SPECIAL FOR YOU AND IT'S FREE "....sgt haaapppyyyyy

ok, straight to the point, sya mmg x pandai nak bt ayat yea...hope miss intan fhm..hehehe kenapa yea sya nak giveaway ni??????????????

1. Sya seorang yg kayu....uhuk uhuk uhuk....sgt x creative yea...sya memerlukan seseorg yg dpt membantu sya think out of box...hehehe sya x cerewet,sya mmg x ksh sgt,janji the outcome really impressive....hehehe

2.Sya dpt bertukar pendapat dgn miss intan yg mmg arif in design ni....sya tahu design litar je... bila bab2 seni ni mmg FAIL...huhuhu

3.nice + outstanding + originality + creativity = miss intan ;)))))))

p/s:tQ miss intan for the lovely giveaway.....glad to know u....

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