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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

lazy *^&%)*&

i waste my last 2 weeks for my semester break with doing nothing...huhuhu no progress about my master research...dont know why im so lazy to start doing some research, although my SV gave me journal and thesis to go through to make sure i got the basic idea about my project. the last meeting b4 the break,she asked me to make some simple coding in matlab....but now on, nothing done by me...LOL....

my master project tittle "Identification of a railway wheelset system", quite tough project because my SV very strict and perfectionist....im plan to try the matlab in simulink but dont know, when im intend to start my work, im have no vital force to do it....huhuhuhu im so sad, tensen, scary when everything jumble up in my mind...i want to finish my master study on time....huhuhu...pls GOD, help me, and give me the right...

now on, i need to plan what to do and dont....

  • study about wheelset system
  • understanding about dt convert to ct using indirect method
  • malab-explore the simulink, embedded system
  • study the journal
  • study the thesis

  • sleep > 8hours
  • watching HBO, star movies, and etc
  • fb's time need to be limit
  • eat to much

time is running, and i still have 2 weeks to catch up all those things, "Ya Allah, give me the truth and the way, amin ". im still thinking about my life if im further my pdh....scary!!!!! dont want to think about it, but sometimes it cross in my mind...haish....

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